Kayani New York

My Story


My name is Kayani Facey and I’m an artist. To as far back as I can remember, I have always made and sold things.


As a senior in college I began making custom jewelry and selling it to my friends. They would tell me about their loved ones and I would make a locket that reflected their interests and personality.


Fresh out of undergrad I was at a pivotal point in my life. Start a job or start a business. I knew I wanted to teach, but I also knew I wanted to create and collaborate. I wanted to create with others. I had a yearning to share this passion and bring it into reality. I already knew from my experience in college that there was a hole in the market for custom jewelry, and my mission grew.


Kayani New York started with only one locket on a cool September day on the border of Little Italy and China Town in New York City 2014.


I hopped on the 1 train with only one mission, bring my locket into the world. I wanted to give people the experience I gave my friends in college when they would light up with inspiration at the idea of making a one of a kind piece with true significance.


Completely by chance I walked into the biggest feast on the streets of NYC, booked myself in the show and set up my table. I displayed my locket, some precious stones, various chains, bracelets, and charms and put up my sign “KUSTOM JEWELRY” a play on my name Kayani.


People gravitated towards my table immediately. Soon enough turquoise stones represented people and charms became aspirations, celebrations, and memorials. People not only identified with the pieces and gave them meaning they had the time of their lives through out the process. I made whatever my customers wanted and I developed a love of service.


Kayani New York came to life that day. Everyday I wake up I am delighted to share the this experience with the world. My mission is to create one of a kind collaborative jewelry with true soul.