Kayani New York

Kayani New York is committed to creating one of a kind custom jewelry with true heart and soul. We are dedicated to ensuring excellent service and promise to create an experience that is timeless, inspiring, and heart warming...


We have a secret...

& it's truly something magical... 

First you must believe....

You have the ability to preserve each and every moment in time...

Remembering your past... While simultaneously

Embracing your future.

Just go for it.

At Kayani New York your job is to represent your inner essence. 

Creating a memory locket is a reflective & creative experience made for everyone.

Unleashing the magic is oh so simple.

Start with your locket.

Of course it opens up.

Your job is to fill it with everything your heart desires.

Charm lockets that are circles screw off and all other shapes open with a magnet. 

Lockets are stainless steel so they will never rust or tarnish.

They can be gold, silver, or rose gold, sparkle, plain or crystal. 

Maybe you'd like a heart... maybe a teardrop.

Possibly you need both.

Next pick charms that tell a story, protect you, or energize you.

You can change your locket daily,

or lock it away forever.

After you choose charms, pick a custom chain, or maybe you'd prefer a keychain...

Did we mention the bracelets?

Don't over think it.

Just have fun!